Slash your home or business power bills by 80%

Slash your home or business power bills by 80%

LED lighting isn't just about changing the way you light your home or business, it is about saving money. So much money in fact, every product we sell pays for itself within the first 9 months.

Any light, for any occasion, home or business.

Any light, for any occasion, home or business.

We stock every kind of light you can think of. If you don't see it here, email us and we will provide it. If we don't have it exactly to spec, we will have it made for you. That is our promise to you. Guaranteed.


  • We are the lighting experts

    We take being the LED lighting experts very seriously. From free energy use audits, to free quotes and answers to any lighting related question you might have, we are here for YOU.

  • We save you thousands

    Not only will every light slash power consumption by 80%, they also pay for themselves in the first 9 months. Couple this with LED's huge warranty and you save every day the lights are on.

  • Full 5 year warranty

    When it comes to LED lighting it is our personal mission to ensure we supply only the highest quality products. All covered with a 5 year warranty and 10 year estimated run time.


What are the advantages of LED lights?

LED lights bring several advantages such as energy efficiency, durability, long lifespan, no UV emissions, no flicker and dramatically reduced maintenance requirements. This translates into energy savings, maintenance savings and an overall reduction in cost of ownership over the product’s lifetime.

Do LED lights have any other benefits?

Yes. LED lamps do no emit UV radiation which means that organic materials such as manuscripts, artwork and artifacts are not harmed. This benefit is particularly useful for museums and galleries where existing halogen lamps can cause UV degradation of displayed materials. Another benefit of LED’s having no UV emissions is that insects are not attracted to LED lights. LED lamps are therefore ideal for use in the food industry and as well as buildings which run external lighting for illumination.

Do LED lights have any environmental benefits?

LED lights have numerous environmental benefits over conventional lamps. LED lights use between 50%-90% less energy which also means large carbon emission reductions, they do not contain mercury, they last up to 20 times longer and they are made from fully recyclable materials. For example, the extruded aluminum heat sink used in LED down lights and LED spot lights is manufactured using 80% post-industrial recycled material.

Is there any money to be saved by going LED?

In a nutshell, yes. LED lighting in most cases equate to an 80% power reduction usage vs traditional lighting. Couple this with a 10 year run time and you are looking at savings that literally cover the cost of the conversion in 9 months and equates to several thousands of dollars on a small 3 bedroom home over the following years.

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